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Our Services


To ensure that you receive top dollar for your home, we employ professional photographers and stagers. When browsing any of my listings, it is clearly evident the difference a professional photographer makes! I will introduce unique and proven marketing techniques to ensure that your home reaches all potential buyers and receives the exposure required to sell your house for top dollar.

My philosophy of going above and beyond and providing outstanding customer service has led to seamless transactions and fantastic results for my clients.
I will spend weeks with you before your property is listed ensuring that it is staged properly, arranging things to be packed up and ensuring that the smallest of details are taken care of. I have a small team of trusted professionals who we work with to make the selling process easier (painters, contractors, junk removal, and decorators).

Pricing Your Property

I will analyze market data and recent solds to come up with a pricing strategy best suited towards current market conditions. I have seen over years of successfully selling homes that a “one size fits all approach” to pricing a property does not always work and I spend a considerable amount of time going through the property to determine the best strategy and list price to obtain top dollar.