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Our Services


Buyer Services Include;

  • The assessment of your needs and goals in your home purchase and how they apply towards properties that are currently on the market.
  • A consultation on the appropriateness of various neighbourhoods and/or buildings and factors that may affect values and future re-sales.
  • Although the services are free (the buyer agent is compensated through the listing broker), we will give you a thorough estimate of the costs you can expect in buying a home (i.e. land transfer, tax, legal fees, etc.).
  • I will send you MLS listings as they become available and any unlisted properties that I receive through my extensive database of past clients and contacts.
  • When touring selected homes, I will arrange for private showings so that you can tour the homes undisturbed.
  • When we find a home that interests you, the home’s value will be assessed based on multiple criteria including what similar units/homes in the same building and/or area have recently sold for.
  • When given the green light by you, I will prepare and explain the offer and all related documents.
  • During offer negotiations, I will use my extensive experience and negotiating expertise to ensure that your home is acquired at the best attainable price and terms.
  • After the sale, I will monitor and inform you of the progress of the purchase agreement, including the satisfaction of all contingencies and conditions during the entire transaction
  • Throughout the negotiations or search for your new home, I have access to a real estate lawyer in the event that there are any legal questions or issues that may arise.  E.g. Legal Parking, renovations that required permits, by-law or survey problems.

In order to protect the biggest investment you will ever make I will always suggest doing a home inspection on the property. I feel so strongly about this that I will even pay for it! There are so many reasons to get a home inspection. My job is to do whatever we can to protect you and your investment so you can avoid surprises down the road.

I will not push for a deal if unconvinced that it is the perfect fit for my clients. My goal is to help my clients purchase a house that is right for my clients current and future needs.